Avoiding Poor Choices in Real Estate Law

If we have a friend who provides a professional service, we likely feel good recommending their services to other people we know. When it comes time to conduct our own business, it feels natural to go to someone we know.  Trust is already established, and it feels comfortable to rely on them, but should we be trusting an acquaintance with matters of Real Estate?

At other times, an established Real Estate agent may offer the opportunity to save money by proposing a dual agency. In a dual agency, the same agent is responsible for representing both the buyer and the seller. This can be more common in areas with fewer choices for Real Estate agents, but in a city like Victoria BC it can be easily avoided.

Jeffrey L. Hartman has returned this week to share his warnings on these two hypothetical situations.


If you have more questions regarding Real Estate Law, contact Mr. Hartman directly with a short email. If he is already an acquaintance of yours, he can always provide you with a trustworthy referral.

Thank you to Adam Basterfield, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Victoria, BC, for the use of his composition for our telephone system.
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