How Much Is Your Legal Claim Worth?

Perhaps the most commonly asked question inside the office walls of Stevenson Luchies & Legh, the dollar value of a legal claim is an important figure. How much money will you receive by pursuing a legal action? The answer is not always clear, but local Victoria lawyer James A.S Legh has given an answer in this week’s posted video.

As explained, the monetary value of your legal claim is unforeseeable until the extent of your injury’s effects on daily life can be measured accurately. This means that a quick estimate is impossible on the first call with your lawyer. If a lawyer tries to entice you with a dollar figure, beware. No competent lawyer will be able to tell you this number right away, and should never trust anyone who gives you an estimate this way.

The real value of a claim is figured out by summing three factors.

1 – Pain and Suffering

At the time of this video, the capped limit was $335,000 in Canada, but this number will change over time. Check with your lawyer for the latest up to date figure.

2 – Recovery of Lost Income

The dollar figure of wages lost due to injury can be measured as part of your legal claim. In the event that you are never able to work again, an estimate of your future potential earnings will be built, and you would then be entitled to a recovery of these losses.

3 – Cost of Care

This is a value that everyone is entitled to in a case of personal injury. An injury is more than an inconvenience on our time, it can also be a financial burden as we are required to visit health professionals, and purchase material for our rehabilitation. This is another value that we are entitled to factor in to the full dollar value of our legal claim.

This simple breakdown of the intrinsic value helps to highlight the complexity of the question. The value of our legal claim should have a complex answer, because life itself is complex.  Never settle for the easy answer in a matter of a legal claim. Speak to a lawyer that you can trust.  If you have personal injury questions for Mr. Legh, or one of his associates, please call the telephone number at the top of the screen.

Thank you to Adam Basterfield, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Victoria, BC, for the use of his composition for our telephone system.
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