Injury Lawyer James A.S Legh: Credibility Is Critical To Your Case

Continuing his series of helpful legal tips on video, personal injury lawyer James A.S Legh moves the discussion to address credibility.  Credibility to a case is incredibly important, but it can mean different things in different places. Credibility among our peers will not automatically translate to credibility in the courtroom.

This sounds like simple and straightforward advice.

  • Prepare.  Read all the documents for your case.
  • Have your injury lawyer go over the pleadings of the case with you.
  • Dress like you are going to a job interview.
  • Speak clearly, and enunciate your language.
  • Understand the things you speak about, and avoid making it up as you go.

Remember, you do not need to act like anyone but yourself. Simply present the best of yourself by being prepared, and your credibility will add incredible weight to your case.

In our next video, James Legh will explain what your lawyer does during the examination for discovery.

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