Video Series: How To Clarify An Answer From An Examination

Over the past few months, we have gained some very practical legal advice from Victoria lawyer James A.S Legh as he explained what we could expect from an Examination for Discovery. We have learned how the process begins, how to prepare for it, and how the examination typically proceeds. Now we have come to the end of the examination. What can we expect? What happens if we forget something?

As always, Mr. Legh explains the process in words we can understand.


At the end of an examination, our own lawyer will have an opportunity to examine us. They will typically only do this to clarify the discussion, adding helpful questions to a topic that was left with incomplete information.

So what happens when we remember an extra piece of information after the examination is already over? In such cases it is perfectly acceptable to write a letter to the other lawyer, informing them with the additional testimony.  This letter is an appropriate courtesy for both sides, and can protect you from inaccurate testimony from the examination being used at trial.

Thank you to Adam Basterfield, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Victoria, BC, for the use of his composition for our telephone system.
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