Video Series: The Lawyer’s Role During An Examination For Discovery

In previous weeks, Victoria lawyer James A.S Legh has guided us through the rights and responsibilities that a client will take on when entering into an examination for discovery. This examination for discovery is carried on in order to establish the facts of a case before it heads to a trial. Such examinations are extremely important during cases of personal injury, and other civil action lawsuits.

Though Mr. Legh has focused on the role of the client until now, this latest video delves into the role of the lawyer, and how they are able to assist during an examination.

Summarizing The Lawyers Role

In Canada, your lawyer has two main responsibilities during an examination for discovery.

1) Objecting to inappropriate questions.

2) Undertaking to answer complicated or difficult questions within a reasonable time.

Beyond this, communication with your lawyer is completely restricted during an examination for discovery. You will not be able to rely on your lawyer for suggestions on the best way to answer hard questions. This really underlines the necessity of being well prepared for any examination.

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