Video Series: What Is The Purpose Of An Examination for Discovery?

Last week we learned what an examination for discovery was. This week, Victoria lawyer James Legh goes a step further by explaining how the examination for discovery is used for the purposes of a trial.

In Summary:

The examination for discovery takes place in front of a court reporter. The court reporter takes down everything that is said, and compiles the examination into a book of questions and answers that can be referred to in the future.

This book is extremely important for the purposes of a trial. Whatever was said during the examination for discovery should line up with the answers given in the courtroom. If it does not line up accurately, the trustworthiness of our remarks would then be called into question.

Remember, the examination for discovery is for the benefit of the opposing side. There may be questions that you do not wish to answer, but you will still be obligated to answer these questions faithfully.

We will go into further detail on this in next week’s video.

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