Why Hire A Lawyer in Canada?

One of the first questions asked of Victoria lawyer James A.S Legh was “why”? Why should one obtain the services of a lawyer after a car accident? If one is injured on the job, what makes legal counsel a priority? As it happened, Mr. Legh had more than one answer to give, and he presented a very convincing argument.


Fair financial compensation is a high priority for your lawyer.  Insurance companies are understandably motivated to pay out as little as possible, while your lawyer is motivated to ensure that your financial future is secure. Compensation for pain and suffering, potential wages lost, and medical fees are all calculated to find a number that is fair and reasonable.

Protecting Your Future

Your health should be the primary focus during a case of personal injury. As James A.S Legh has pointed out, a lawyer can give you access to healthcare professionals, with the goal of speeding your overall recovery.  Other professionals can be consulted to add supporting testimony to a case as well. A prepared lawyer can protect you from the uncertainties of the future by anticipating hassles before they ever present themselves.

Hopefully this will convince you to be prepared in the event of an accident. Save the phone number of Stevenson Luchies & Legh in your address book.  You never know when you might need it.


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