Selina Wall

Selina obtained a Bachelor of Arts with distinction from Simon Fraser University in 2016, with a major in History and an extended minor in Geography. For her contributions to the school, she received the 50th Anniversary Award for Democratic Engagement in 2016. Selina went on to study law at the University of Victoria, earned her Juris Doctor in 2021 and was called to the Bar in 2022.

In 2017, Selina was selected to participate in the prestigious British Columbia Legislative Internship Program, where she had the opportunity to directly support members of the Legislative Assembly and gained experience working in the public service. After the program ended she continued to work for the Ministry of Attorney General, and eventually returned to the legislature as a research and communications officer. It was through this program that she developed a passion for law, legislation, and policy.

Selina is deeply committed to building strong and supportive communities. She regularly volunteers with community organizations in Victoria and is a member of the Lawyers on Stage Theatre (LOST) company, which raises money for local charities and the arts. An avid reader, Selina spends her free time reading and taking advantage of the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

Selina Wall / Stevenson Luchies & Legh


  • 2016 – BA with Distinction, from Simon Fraser University

  • 2017 – Participated in the prestigious British Columbia Legislative Internship Program

  • 2021 – Earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Victoria

  • 2022 – Called to the Bar in British Columbia


  • 2016 – 50th Anniversary Award for Democratic Engagement

SLL Team Members


Legal Assistant

Erin is a Legal Assistant who works with Grant Smith and Selina Wall. She was a previous Special Needs Teacher in Alberta who enjoyed working with at risk youth. She made the switch to the legal field to offer more assistance to families and children needing support. Erin is a current Paralegal student at the University of the Fraser Valley and is set to graduate in Summer 2023. In her legal studies, Erin is primarily focusing on Family, Criminal and Litigation. Perhaps Law School on the horizon…?

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