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Do you have a plan to start a new business? Are you buying, selling, or restructuring an existing business? You need to protect your intellectual property, but the legal technicalities can be quite overwhelming. Stevenson Luchies & Legh’s corporate lawyers are here to help.

A Team of Corporate Lawyers Supporting Your Business Success

Partner today with the corporate lawyers at Stevenson Luchies & Legh. Our lawyers can answer your questions about business law in Canada and give you pertinent advice to help you structure your ideas into a successful plan for the future. From the start of a business in B.C. to the resolution of contractual complications, we craft legal documents that protect your intellectual property and reflect your business goals. Stevenson Luchies & Legh has assisted thousands of business owners in British Columbia to bring their plans to fruition.

Our experienced corporate and business lawyers can help you:

  • Start a new business in B.C.
  • Register as a sole proprietor or a partnership
  • Partnership or Shareholders Agreements
  • Incorporate your Provincial or Federal business
  • Maintain your existing Corporation
  • Establish a holding company or a trust
  • Buy, sell, or restructure an existing business
  • Prepare contracts for your daily business operations
  • Resolve contractual complications, or avoid them altogether

Stevenson Luchies & Legh has been successfully helping BC businesses since 1997.

FAQ – Business Law
Frequently Asked Business Law Questions
What is business law?

Business and corporate law are broad topics that encompass domestic commerce, consumer transaction, and the formation and management of business entities. Our lawyers have extensive experience in corporate law and can assist you with any of your questions.

What types of legal procedures should I be concerned with?

Once a new business is incorporated, it must maintain its legal status. Businesses need to comply with licensing requirements and industry standards. Businesses may also be expected to maintain additional records, follow special procedure for their specific industries. At Stevenson Luchies & Legh we will make sure you have everything you need to keep your business in good standing.

When should I see a lawyer about my business?

You should seek advice from our lawyers as early in the process as possible, before any problems arise. Whether you are setting up a new business or you are buying, selling or restructuring an existing one, you should seek counsel early to ensure a smooth process throughout.

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