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Estate Litigation

Estate litigation can be a contentious and emotional area of law, involving a wide range of disputes regarding wills, estates, and trusts. For example, have you been left out of your spouse’s or parent’s will? Do you feel you were treated unfairly as a result of a will? Was the deceased subject to influence or lack mental capacity when making their will? Are you concerned about how a loved one’s estate is being managed? Are you the executor of an estate that a claim is being brought against?

At Stevenson Luchies and Legh, our lawyers understand the complexity of each matter and what is at stake. We work closely with our clients to help them make the best decisions during this vulnerable time.

We have the knowledge and experience to assist clients with a variety of issues, including providing advice concerning the meaning of terms used in a will, challenging the validity of a will and the capacity of the will-maker, challenging the terms of a will to ensure the spouse and children are properly cared for, and providing assistance with the administration and distribution of estates.

Our goal is to resolve all disputes promptly and efficiently, while preserving our clients’ rights and achieving a fair result. Whether you are pursuing a claim or defending one, we will assist you through the litigation process.

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