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Questions About Probate, Intestacy, or the Administration of an Estate?

Whether you are appointed as executor under a Will and need assistance with the Probate and handling of the estate, or are a beneficiary needing advice about your share of an estate, we are able to provide you with advice and options concerning estate matters.

At Stevenson Luchies & Legh, we can help you with:

  • For executors in a Will, we will obtain probate and help you to administer and wind-up of the estate, including obtaining a discharge on completion
  • For persons who die without a Will, we will obtain a grant of administration, and assist you in determining the beneficiaries, dealing with banks, debtors, and others, and obtaining a discharge on completion
  • If you are a beneficiary and did not receive what you expected, we provide advice and services related to the variation of Wills of your spouse or parents
  • We will assist with interpreting the clauses of Wills

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Frequently Asked Estate Litigation Questions:

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