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What is Civil Litigation?

Civil Litigation is a dynamic and complex process, which can last days or years and cover many different areas and specialties. A civil litigation lawyer, also known as a litigator, will manage all phases of the litigation process from the initial meeting to completion, including appeals.

It usually involves one party (a Plaintiff) who makes a claim or sues others for money.  Some claims can be pursued to enforce rights, stop activities from occurring or forcing certain events to happen.

The litigation process involves gathering and organising documentation, investigating issues, reviewing evidence, obtaining expert opinions, conducting oral discoveries and negotiating issues. The legal dispute will be resolved through settlement negotiations and, occasionally, after trials.

Stevenson Luchies and Legh’s litigation team has extensive experience in essentially all areas of civil litigation. We have represented clients in areas such as personal injury, construction, corporate and business disputes, debt recovery, defamation, employment disputes, human rights matters, immigration, intellectual property, products liability, and property and strata disputes.

Our mission is to achieve the best possible outcome in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. But, if after utilizing all available dispute resolution methods, your dispute remains unsolved, our experienced litigation lawyers are trained to protect your interests at all levels of the court system.

If you have a potential legal dispute or one has been commenced against you, we are here to help. Contact our litigation team today.

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Frequently Asked Civil Litigation and Appeals Questions:

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