FAQ – Criminal Law
Frequently asked questions about being charged with a criminal offence
If I hire you, will I have to go to court with you on my first appearance date?

No, we will be able to make that appearance for you, advise the court that he is your lawyer, and get all the required information (for example: police reports) from the prosecutor for discussion with you.

I only want to plead guilty. Is there any point in getting a lawyer?

Definitely. For any criminal charge, there is a range of sentences available to the judge. We can assist you in persuading the judge to impose the lightest possible sentence in your case. In many cases, you may be able to avoid a criminal record.

What steps should I take if charged with a criminal offence?

It is important that you protect yourself by not discussing the particulars of the criminal charge with anybody, including the police. Be sure to organize a personal history so that you can bring it to your first meeting with us.

Do you accept Legal Aid funded cases?

Yes, we accept some legal aid cases depending on the nature of the charge.

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