FAQ – Family Law
Frequently Asked Family Law Questions
My spouse and I are separating. Should I move out of the house?

No. Moving out of the family home is one of many factors that can give your spouse the upper hand should a legal battle commence. It is best to contact your lawyer before moving out.

When should I retain a Family Lawyer?

Seek counsel within the first year of separation. While you may desire a reconciliation, it is wise to be prepared with proactive solutions.

What steps should I take when separating?

It is important to make sure that you keep yourself protected financially while a settlement is reached. Be sure to take care of all bills, credit lines and anything else that may be shared with your spouse. Make sure to give them ample warning of such changes so that they can make their own preparations.

It is important to keep records of your finances and also of your access to children. In cases of abuse, catalog any instances of harassment or other problems that may occur.

Most importantly, listen to your lawyer. It is easy to become overwhelmed or distracted in such a situation. Our team has been through many cases and is here to guide you through a very difficult time. Be sure to heed their wise counsel.

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